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Introduction. Wouldn't it be nice if you had access to your entire list of contacts everywhere and anytime?
  • What if you are stuck in traffic and need to call your business partner before he leaves town, but you don't have your address book with you?
  • What if you are watching your children playing on the playground when you realize that you should cancel tomorrow's doctors appointment, but you don't have the doctor's number?
  • What if you want to call this old friend of yours, when you learn that she has moved out of state with no forwarding number on file?
  • What if you need to call your colleague in the foreign office of your company after hours, and you forget to bring the corporate directory along?
  • What if you put all your contacts into your cellular telephone (it took a couple hours) and your two-year old decides to perform a submarine experiment in the bath tub with your phone?
Phone+PDA=minifile. A perfect blend of cellular telephone and electronic address book, minfile provides you with quick and free access to your complete list of contacts anywhere and anytime.  Access to the minifile Internet and Wireless Web (WAP) sites is provided at no charge (airtime or operator service charges may still apply - please check Wireless Web (WAP-service) pricing with your phone operator).  All you need is an Internet-capable device and the desire to become truly independent.

Intelligent linking technology. minfile scans records to identify identical entries and to replace them with dynamic links to unique records maintained by the respective contact information owner.   Changes are immediately reflected on all devices - enabling access to always-current information.  For example, John Doe would submit (upload) his contact database and create his own address card (profile). Now assume Jane Doe does the same. In John’s database it says Jane Doe and phone number (123)456-7890. minfile's computer system automatically looks across all the address cards and sees that (123)456-7890 belongs to Jane Doe. It then replaces the fixed version of Jane’s number with a link to her card. The end result is that should Jane’s phone number (or profile) change, John’s address book would be automatically updated (similarly for addresses, emails, etc.).  No need to maintain your contact information, if one of your contacts moves, the change is automatically reflected in your minfile.

Upload your information. minfile works with a number of Personal Information Manager software packages (Palm Desktop, MS Outlook, etc.), so you can upload your complete list of contacts and have access to it right on your phone.

Share and stay in touch. minfile allows you to share your contact information with whoever you want to by giving them a minfile code that you obtain right on your phone or here on this site.  Your friends or business partners just enter your minfile code to have access to your contact information.  If you change your phone numbers, just update your minfile profile, and it is automatically updated on all your friends' phones! If you receive a minfile code from someone else, just enter it yourself and you will have instant and always-current contact information for that person right at your fingertips.

Search & Call. minfile's comprehensive search features allow you to search for individual and company names, or parts thereof, within your contact list.  You are then presented with the search results, and you can even select the location where you want to reach someone, e.g., at home, at work, or on the cell phone.

Portable. You can access your contact information on any WAP-enabled Internet-capable phone including BlackBerrys.  So whether you upgrade to a better phone, or have to replace your current phone, you will have instant and complete access to all your contact information right away.

Corporate Services. minfile's technology is now available to corporate and institutional clients as well.   We provide the following services:
  • Manage instant updates of phone numbers to your entire workforce
  • Provide access to phone directories to existing cellular phone pool (without user interaction)
  • Create marketing advantage by offering convenient phone directory access to customers
  • Maintain, utilize, and distribute alumni information

Our services enable our clients to increase customer service levels to their customers, as well as reduce costs associated with remote information retrieval and processing, e.g., calls to 411, access directory information from cell phones rather than PC notebooks.

For more information on corporate services please contact us via email to [email protected] or fax (212) 214-0960.

Frequently Asked Questions. Quick and easy. Getting started with minifile is simple: Click here to create your minifile profile or pick up your WAP-enabled phone and go to 'minifile' on your Minibrowser. Some phones may require you to type in '' or ''. Once you see the minifile main menu you should bookmark minifile on your phone as you don't want to re-enter 'minifile' everytime you need to look up a number and make a call. For details on how to bookmark please consult your phone operator's instructions. 

Free. We offer access to the minifile Internet and Wireless Web sites at no cost. How can we do this? We are offering corporate and institutional contact management solutions for a fee. These services include minfile Plus and minifile Group. minifile Plus is designed for highly centralized organizations that want to preserve complete control over their members' contact information, while minifile Group is preferred by educational organizations that allow their members to maintain their contact information - creating powerful alumni networks.

"How do I use minifile?" Just go to 'minifile' on your phone and select option '(1) Login' if you already have a username and password, otherwise select option '(2) Signup' on your phone or click here to create your minifile profile. Once you have logged in, select '(1) Search & Call' from the main menu to search for phone numbers of your contacts and to complete calls.

"I have received an M-Code (or minifile Code) from someone." Go to 'minifile' on your phone and select option '(2) Enter M-Code' from the main menu. Next, enter the M-Code - you don't need to enter the letter 'M', as it's already there - and hit 'OK'. Alternatively, you can also access your minifile on your desktop PC, scroll down all the way to the minifile options section, enter the M-Code received and click on 'Submit M-Code'. You will receive a confirmation message showing you how many records have been received or updated. That's it. Your new contact information is now available for searching and calling.

"I want to share my profile with someone else." Nothing is easier than that. Go to 'minifile' on your phone and select option '(3) Share Profile' from the main menu. Alternatively, you can also access your minifile on your desktop PC, scroll down all the way to the minifile options section, and click on 'Share Profile'.You will receive an M-Code (or minifile Code) instantaneously. Now, you just have to pass on the M-Code to anyone want you want. Note, that the code issued is immediately activated, but will expire in 30 days for security reasons. If you want to extend the validity of your code, you must send an email to [email protected] and include the code, your desired expiration date and the date you obtained your code. We will confirm your request within 24 hours.

"I have recently changed phone numbers, and my profile needs to be updated." Go to 'minifile' on your phone and select option '(4) Edit Profile' from the options menu. Alternatively, you can also access your minifile on your desktop PC, scroll to your profile (bold), and click on 'Edit'. All profile fields are optional, e.g., you don't have to enter a company name.

"Can I upload my current contacts?" Yes, you can upload contact information from a number of different programs. To find out more click here to login and select 'Upload your data'. minifile is joining the open-source revolution. Effective immediately, anyone can utilize minifile's text-file based import interface. We are providing a comprehensive OUTLOOK contact information import utility (with source-code) encouraging developers to customize and improve upon. Login to your account and click on the 'Upload' button towards the end of the page.

Corporate Services. If you are interested in our corporate services like our automated corporate directory services, please contact us via email to [email protected] for more information.

Terms & Conditions. You must read and agree to our Terms & Conditions before using minifile. Click here to review our Terms & Conditions.

Contact minifile. Wireless world. Many wireless interfaces are just representations of full scale Internet pages on small cellular phone screens.  The professionals involved in the development of minifile follow a radically different approach: We look at customer needs in the wireless world without being influenced by existing Internet solutions.  Several of our developments are highly specialized and unique focusing on wireless technology and practical applications thereof.

To contact us please use the following email addresses, depending on your request:

General inquiries:  [email protected]

Technical support (including M-Code validity extensions): [email protected]

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